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1020 Hansen Way, Warehouse
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4-Plex for Sale

770 San Bruno Ave, San Bruno, CA

Investment Memorandum full (2.2MB .pdf file)

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Disclosure Documents Part 1 (3.5 MB .pdf file)

    Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement

    Supplemental Disclosure Statement       

    Agency Relationships

    Lead Based Paint

    Water Heater & Smoke Detector

    JCP Natural Hazards

    JCP Full Report

Disclosure Documents Part 2

    Residential Environmental Hazards Report (615 kb .pdf file)

    Consumers Guide to Radon Reduction Report (1187 kb .pdf file)

    Mold, Moisture & Your Home Report (974 kb .pdf file)

    Homeowners Guide to Earthquake Safety Report (6140 kb .pdf file)

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